What Is Email Marketing – And How To Do It Properly

The use of email as a marketing tool started almost 45 years ago, in 1978. Since then, it has become one of the most important ways to promote the products and services of many businesses across all industries. As if that weren’t enough, email marketing has evolved to become one of the most critical factors of customer loyalty.

Based on this information, those not versed on the subject might think email marketing simply involves sending advertisements to random people’s inboxes.

This notion is only partially true, which is why we will cover what email marketing is, together with some of the more refined aspects of its applications.

All of this will help you understand the concept of email digital marketing and how to do it properly to reach your primary goal: increasing your sales, boosting the loyalty of your existing customers, and growing your brand. Let’s take a look.

What Is Email Marketing?

In a nutshell, email marketing uses emails to help you make your business more visible to the public.

Its primary focus is increasing customer’ awareness about new products and services, but it can help you generate new leads, build relationships with your existing and potential customers, and maintain engagement.

Since email first became a reality in 1971, it has become one of the most important methods of direct communication between people.

Most of us would rather send emails than talk on the phone. This can work to your brand’s advantage because it allows you to communicate with your existing and potential customers on their terms, in their own time, focusing on content that they are interested in while boosting your sales.

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Email Marketing Has Many Advantages

One of the reasons why an email campaign is such a popular content marketing strategy is that, as opposed to traditional bulk mail advertising, it requires the receiver to take action.

Direct mailers are easy to throw away and not a very lucrative way to focus your marketing efforts. Emails require you to do something about them. You can either open, read, delete, or archive them.

Collecting email addresses and starting an email campaign can help with direct sales and establishing a lasting relationship with your customers, directing them to your website or social media accounts, or allowing them to let you know what type of topics interest them the most. All of this will boost your brand’s visibility and promote loyalty.

Types Of Marketing Emails

Another great feature of an email marketing campaign is its versatility. It isn’t only about sending out advertisements randomly.

It can serve many purposes that help you engage your customers and keep them interested in what you offer. To achieve this, there are several different types of emails you can use to perfect your marketing campaign, including the following:

Welcome email

As its name suggests, this type of promotional email welcomes each potential customer to your business, stimulating their curiosity by offering a bonus, such as a trial or free sample, that will lead to further sales.


This highly popular email marketing tool lets each subscriber know about any new products or services you may have added to your business. In addition, an email newsletter includes a call to action leading the subscriber to new content on your website, which can be a new product page, a blog post, and more. These are sent out regularly to your email list and will make customers look forward to anything new you may have added to your business.

Confirmation email

When customers order products or services from your website or brick-and-mortar establishment, they should always receive an automated email that lets them know their order has been received and is being processed. It also lets them know that they have successfully signed up to receive more information from your business and that other actions will be available.  


This is a great email marketing strategy to let your existing and potential customers know about any events, courses, seminars, product launches, and other activities that may be coming up. Invitations will help garner and maintain the receiver’s attention on special events you have planned and might include a bonus attached to them that will engage their interest in participating in them.


A promotional email is an excellent way to reach a larger group of readers to keep them engaged and aware of new additions to your product line, services, discounts, and more.


This marketing email is the best way to get feedback from your customers while telling them their opinions are valuable to you. These marketing efforts are part of your customer service and should help you avert any problems you would otherwise remain unaware of until it is too late.

Seasonal emails

A seasonable email marketing strategy normally used to promote special products to your target audience during the holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and others.

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Your Subject Line: The Key To Success

As the most crucial part of your email marketing campaign, the subject line should immediately capture your audience’s attention and pique their interest from the moment it is read.

Otherwise, they might just delete your email as quickly as it arrived. When you send emails, pay attention to the open rate to determine how successful your email campaigns are performing.

Your email campaign’s subject line should help you connect to your audience right away, which is why it should hint at the content of the email itself.

To this effect, mentioning discounts, savings, products, benefits, and exciting new content will let the reader determine that your email is valuable, leading them to continue reading.

Solid email campaigns are an excellent way to promote brand awareness and keep your small business ahead of the competition.

Whether you use the best email marketing service out there, follow a marketing email template, or use email marketing software, making email marketing work for you is an achievable goal.

This type of content marketing helps you interact with the customers on your email list on a more personal level, leading them to act and driving up sales, which, in the end, should be your primary goal.

Top Email services with high deliverability

Email marketing software is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. With the right software, you can create targeted, segmented lists, automate processes, track performance, and much more. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, email marketing software can help you increase your ROI and reach new customers. With a wide array of features and integrations, email marketing software is the perfect solution to help you take your business to the next level.

Here you will find a list of the best marketing software (that I personally tested and work with):

  1. ActiveCampaign
  2. Omnisend
  3. MoosendOmnisend
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