Best Perform TikTok Ads Examples. How to copy them

If you decided to test TikTok ads and struggling with ads ideas here you can find not only TikTok ADS examples but also the most effective structure on how to create your first TikTok video ads. So please not just scroll down all these videos, but also read carefully, because I will try to explain what works well in each structure and how to copy them. TikTok is an app that allows users to create videos and use videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It has become viral in recent years due to its unique features and ease of use.

How to find good TikTok ADS Examples

When looking for good TikTok ad examples, you can use TikTok Search to help you find them. This can help you create your own successful ad video. You will get a better idea of what kind of ads work well on TikTok and which ones don’t. If you don’t know how to use TikTok search, you can find step-by-step instructions here.

TikTok ads specs

Dimensions: 1242×2208 or 1080×1920. Complete guide about TikTok Ads specs you can find here. Please ensure that the key elements such as text and logos are within the safe zone. Elements that appear out of the safe zone might be covered or cropped. You can also use their preview tool as well.

TikTok Video Advertising Best Practices

Before choosing which creative ad type to try first, you need to remember the most important things about TikTok Ads:

  1. Your video ad doesn’t feel like an ad but has to highlight the product.
  2. Try to improve your existing video ads before producing a new one. Test a new hook. Test w/wo voiceover. Test different video lengths. Test different CTAs.
  3. First, try organic. Once you’ve found something that works, you have to double down with paid ads.
  4. Don’t tell them about the benefits, just show it.

Here you can find 8 most popular ads formats that you can try on TikTok:

  1. TikTok Made Me Buy It
  2. Classic: Problem-Solution
  3. 3 reasons why
  4. Life Hack Tips and How to [Desired Transformation]
  5. My “brand” or product is here
  6. TikTok Response
  7. Dialog Strategy (talks with myself)
  8. Versus video: Us Vs Them/ Before and After

1. TikTok Made Me Buy It – Ads Examples

When it comes to creating TikTok Ads, the best creative type to try first is a “TikTok Made Me Buy It”. This type of ad can be up to 30 seconds long, and it allows you to show off your brand in a fun and engaging way.

The structure of such a video is straightforward:

  1. Use “TikTok Made Me Buy it” or alternative quotes in the hook of the ad over the product video
  2. Introduce your product
  3. Show Benefits and explain Features
  4. CTA

Here are a few other headlines you could test in your ads instead of “TikTok Made Me Buy It”:

  • “TikTok Finds”
  • “Amazon Finds”
  • “Online Shopping Finds”
  • “I’m so excited to try these”
  • “I bought it so you don’t have to”
  • “One of the best purchases I’ve ever made”
  • “This is probably the best thing I’ve bought for…”

2. TikTok “Problem-Solution” Ads Examples

This ad format is perfect for businesses that offer products or services that solve a specific problem. Еvery product can solve a problem. Нou just needs to find the right angle for your product. If you can show your audience how your product or service can make their life easier, you’re sure to get their attention.

To create a problem-solution ad on TikTok, start by introducing the problem your product or service solves. Then, show how your product or service solves that problem. Finally, include a call-to-action telling your viewers what they should do next.

The structure for the “Problem-Solution” video:

  1. Describe the problem in the hook (in the first 3 sec – statement)
  2. Present your problem (I was feeling totally unmotivated and… I tried, but I couldn’t figure it out)
  3. Present a solution (Product) – “So I decided to try this product name that I saw online”
  4. How to – describe how to use it.
  5. All Benefits – it helps me with…
  6. Mention alternatives – “I know there is a lot of cheap alternatives… ”
  7. Main Feature. For example about ECO product: “I’m a big fan of sustainability – this product match all criteria.”
  8. CTA – “Get your own Product delivered in the next 2 days”. Show website.

3. TikTok “3 reasons why” Ads Examples

This is another easy-to-make TikTok ads format. Use this structure to show your product benefits and how it can help. Use the hook “You should Try ProductName” or “This is why I love my ProductName”. Then simply use 3 reasons why and add CTA.

4. TikTok “Life Hack Tips and How to [Desired Transformation]” Ads Examples

Life hack ads formats can be useful to quickly produce content that is both attention-grabbing and on-brand. This ad aims to get users to remember one core feature or benefit.

5. TikTok “My “brand_name” or product is here” ads examples

This ads format is perfect to show the unboxing process and first emotions. Start with imagery of the package at the door. Then show your excitement and start unboxing. Don’t forget to express your emotion. Then show the main product highlights, features, and benefits. Add CTA at the end of your video.

6. TikTok Response ads examples

Use the response bubble in the hook with emoji. Keep it native and have a casual tone. This ads format is perfect for educating about the product’s value and benefits. Try Edutainment style – show it in your daily routine with strong positive testimonial sentences about the product. This video should be native and doesn’t feel like an ad.

7. TikTok “Dialog Strategy (talks with myself)” ads examples

This is a very trendy format on TikTok. You need to film yourself from two different angles, with each view representing a different perspective on the conversation. This will help create the illusion of a conversation and make the videos more engaging for viewers. Best for education.

Dialog example:

Person 1: Start with a question in the hook (present a problem)

Person 2: Answer, explain the problem

Person 1: Explain the product or service as a solution to the problem

Person 2: How do I get started?

Person 1: Show how to

Person 2: Excitement to try – express the desired transformation

Person1: Strong CTA

8. Versus video: Us Vs Them/ Before and After. TikTok ads examples

You can implement Versus strategy in different cases. Show the results after using the product and before use. Or try to stand out from your competitor by comparing your product with others. Test several different angels: value, benefits, etc. Try to use a strong hook with a catchy powerful visual to immediately capture the attention. Add storytelling about why you decided to buy this product.

50 TikTok Hooks to Try

  • “He’s Telling the Truth”
  • “Don’t lie to me”
  • “What everyone thinks I sell”
  • “I heard once you try these”
  • “Why I switched”
  • “Would you try these?”
  • “Okay sir, I will try”
  • “I wish I knew this before buying my x”
  • “The Perfect (x) Doesn’t Exist”
  • “Top TikTok Shopping Finds”
  • “If you haven’t tried (x)…watch this!”
  • “Getting My Daily (x) Hits Different With…”
  • “Late Night Snacks Hits Different With This (x)…”
  • “TikTok made me buy this”
  • “3 Reasons Why I Love (x)”
  • “When you LOVE feeling (x) but don’t have the time to (x) everyday”
  • “Don’t buy that, buy this instead!”
  • “I tried every X out there and here are the results…”
  • “Want (x)? Then stop scrolling”
  • “Want (x)? Then check this out”
  • “If you’re like me & do (x), then this one’s for you.”
  • “What I ordered vs. what I got.”
  • “I Bought This For My (x) For (x) holiday/occasion”
  • “Some days I feel like (x) & that’s why I use/take (x).”
  • “Things I Wish I Knew About Sooner Part (x)”
  • “One product I use EVERY day without fail is…(x)!”
  • “5 Tips to get rid of (x)”
  • “5 Reasons why I use..(x)”
  • “If you don’t use (x) for (x) then I don’t know what you’re doing!”
  • “Just got my delivery from (x)”
  • “Stop scrolling if you suffer from (x)”
  • “Stop scrolling if you want (x)”
  • “Want to feel (x) but don’t want to break the bank?”
  • “How I (x) while on a budget”
  • “My top shopping find I now can’t live without”
  • “Here’s what I ordered & here’s what I got” Whilst showing the website in hook!
  • “What (x) industry don’t want you to know about (x)”
  • “Who Else Wants (x result) without (x pain point)”
  • “This is the Secret To Getting (x Result)”
  • “Get Rid Of (x Problem) With (x solution/product)”
  • “What You Need To Know About (x problem/product/solution)”
  • “The Lazy Way To Get (x Result)”
  • “The quickest way to solve (x Problem)”
  • “Little known ways too (x get result/solve problem)”
  • “How I do (x)!”
  • “I Wish I Knew About This Brand Before!”
  • “My Personal Battle With (x problem)”
  • “This is the biggest mistake people make when (x solution to problem)”
  • “5 Things I wish I Knew Before I (tried all these other x solutions)”
  • “How To Get (X Result) Quickly”
  • “If your not doing (x) you’re missing out”
  • “This is why your (x solution)  isn’t working”
  • “If you want (x Results) avoid this, and try this!”
  • “Calling all (target audience) who are tired of (x problem)”
  • “Okay, I’m sharing my secret on how I (use x product/solution”
  • “The simple way to do (x)”
  • “(X) Reason why you should be using (product)”
  • “Why is nobody talking about this (product)”

Summing It Up

Please remember – people aren’t on social media to buy from you. Before you create your ad, you need to come up with a great hook. This is something that will capture people’s attention and make them want to watch the rest of your ad.

Without a good hook, your ad will likely be ignored. So create multiple hooks and test them.

The key metric to understand if your hook is good enough: Thumb-Stop Ratio (TSR) = 3-second video views / Impressions. If your TSR is 40% and above – you have a good hook. If it is about 35% – it is ok. But if your TSR is 30% or below, you need a new hook.

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