When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023? 

Posting on Instagram is a great way to promote your business and connect with customers, but it’s important to consider when you post for maximum impact. Knowing the best time to post on Instagram can be difficult since every audience is different; however, some tips can help you find the optimal times for posting. 

The truth About the best time to post on Instagram

When it comes to knowing the best time to post on Instagram, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Each account has its own unique audience, and each of those audiences has its own best times they are active on Instagram. That means that the right time to post for one account may not be the same for another.

To find what is the best time for you to post, you should try to find when your audience on Instagram is most active by looking at your past analytics data or just observing when most people interact with your content.

Once you know when your audience is most active, that’s when you should be posting. Knowing when your followers are online will help ensure your content gets seen and engaged more frequently.

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So there are only 5 steps to finding your best time to post to Instagram: 

 1. Analyze Your Instagram insights: Before you start posting, take a look at your account’s insights to determine when the majority of your followers are active. This will help you identify the best time to post based on when your audience will most likely be online and engaging with your content.

2. Test Different Times: Once you have identified a few potential time slot for posting, test them out! Try different combinations of days and times until you find what works best for your particular audience.

3. Track Your Results: Keep track of the times and days that generate the most engagement from your followers. This will help you pinpoint exactly which times are working best for you and allow you to adjust accordingly in the future if needed.

4. Post Consistently: It’s important to stay consistent with your posts so that your followers know when to expect new content from you. Regularly posting at the same times each week can also help boost engagement on your posts since followers may begin anticipating new content from you during specific times of day or days of the week. 

5. Post different content. Find out the best content format for your audience! Try to post not only for Instagram feed but post Instagram reels and Instagram stories. 

How To Find Your Best Times To Post based on the target audience

As I already mentioned before, unfortunately, there is no “Uniq Successful Time” to get the highest engagement on Instagram. You cant hack the Instagram algorithm. Every account should be evaluated individually as each account’s followers will have different habits and preferences. 

It may take some trial and error to find the best posting times, but it can be very rewarding in terms of engagement when you find the sweet spot. 

You can use Instagram analytics to gain a better understanding of your follower and performance. You can also view insights and the impact of particular posts, Stories, videos, Reels and Live videos on your audience’s engagement.

To check Instagram insights you need to have a business or creator account on Instagram to view insights. Learn how to set up a business or creator account.

Instagram Mobile App

View Instagram engagement in your account insights. 

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap the Insights action button. You can also go to Menu in the upper right corner, and tap Insights.

Tap the metrics under the Overview section or specific content you’ve shared for a more detailed breakdown.

Keep in mind that you’ll only see insights for content you’ve posted since you converted to a business or creator account. You can also tap the drop-down at the top of the screen to choose if you want to view insights for your selected preset or custom timeframe within the past 90 days.

Here you will find all information about your audience when they’re most active on Instagram, so try to publish during peak times. So the worst time to post – is when your Instagram audience is offline. 

Instagram Creators Studio

Instagram Creators Studio, like Instagram insights, gives you access to multiple audience insights to find the best time when the audience is online.

Best times and days to post on Instagram based on social media management app recommendations 

the following data from popular all-in-one social media management tools suggest when brands should post on Instagram.

You can try to post on Instagram according to their recommendations to get the best engagement:

  • Later suggests the time frame between 9 am to 11 pm (eastern time zone).
  • Hubspot favors the time between lunch break 2 pm and 3 pm (CDT) and Thursday as the best day to post.
  • Sprout Social deduced Wednesday at 11 am and Friday from 10 am–11 am as the preferred time slots.
  • Search engine Journal recommends posting to get the most engagement on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 11 am and Tuesday at 2 pm.

Automating Posts

Automating posts on Instagram can be a great way to save time and ensure that your content is posted optimally. It’s important to set up automated posts correctly in order to maximize their effectiveness. There are several tools available that allow you to easily automate your Instagram posts, stories, and reels with just a few clicks. These tools usually offer features like scheduling multiple posts in advance and customizing them according to different criteria such as hashtags or captions. 

I can recommend the following tools: 

–  Later – The leading visual social marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok. Plan, publish, and analyze your media.

Pally – Simple. Affordable. Incredibly powerful. Pallyy offers feature-rich social media management and scheduling without the price tag.

Analyzing Your Competitors

If you use Instagram for your business, analyze your competitors’ activity. It is important to keep an eye on the competition in order to stay ahead of them and maximize engagement with your own content and improve your Instagram strategy. 

Analyze Your Competitors’ Posts

When analyzing your competitors’ posts, it is important to pay attention to how often they post, what type of content they share, and when their followers are most engaged. This will give you insight into which times may be best for posting your own content. Additionally, you should look at the types of hashtags that other businesses use in their posts as this could help you find more relevant hashtags for your own content.

Monitor Their Engagement Levels

Monitoring the engagement levels of other businesses can also provide valuable insights into when people are likely to engage with similar content from yourself or others within the same industry. You can do this by looking at likes, comments, shares and views on each post – all these metrics will tell you whether or not people like what has been posted and if there is potential for higher engagement during certain times throughout the day or week.

Use Insights To Make Data-Driven Decisions

Using insights from both your and competitor’s accounts can help inform data-driven decisions about when would be the best time for you to post new content on Instagram. This takes into account factors such as peak hours of activity among followers or even changes in trends over time due to seasonal shifts in user behavior patterns. By understanding how different types of audiences interact with different kinds of posts at various points throughout the day, week, month, and year – marketers have a better chance at optimizing their strategies accordingly.

By analyzing your competitors, you can gain valuable insights to inform your own strategy. Utilizing these insights will help you create a successful post on Instagram at the best time for maximum engagement.

FAQs: When’s the Best Time to Post on Instagram

What time is the most active on Instagram?

The most active time on Instagram is typical during weekday evenings, from 6pm to 9pm. This is when people are likely to be winding down after work and scrolling through their feeds for entertainment or inspiration. Additionally, research has shown that posting in the morning between 2am and 5am can also yield good results as this is when fewer businesses post content but users are still active online. Ultimately, it’s important to experiment with different times of day and days of the week in order to find what works best for your particular audience.

What is the best day to post on Instagram?

The best day to post on Instagram depends on your target audience and the type of content you are posting. Generally, Monday through Thursday tend to be the most popular days for posts as people may be more likely to engage with content during these times. However, if your audience is primarily active in the evenings or on weekends, it might make sense to adjust your posting schedule accordingly. Additionally, research suggests that posts published between 2-3pm EST receive higher engagement rates than those posted at other times of day. Ultimately, experimenting with different days and times can help you determine what works best for your specific situation.

Is it better to post on Instagram at night or in the morning?

It depends on the type of business and its target audience. Generally, businesses that are targeting a younger demographic should post in the evening as this is when they are most active online. Morning posts may be more effective for businesses with an older demographic since those users tend to check their accounts earlier in the day. Additionally, if your goal is to reach a global audience, consider posting at different times throughout the day to capture people from all time zones. Ultimately, testing different times and tracking engagement will help you determine what works best for your business.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, when’s the best time to post on Instagram depends on your audience and industry. It is important to analyze your own audience and competitors in order to find the optimal times for posting.

Utilizing insights from Instagram can also help you determine when is the best time for you to post content. Additionally, testing different times and automating posts are two other strategies that can help you maximize engagement with your followers.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you will be able to identify what works best for your business so that you can create an effective strategy for promoting yourself on Instagram.

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