Best AI Meeting assistants for 2023

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of innovation. AI meeting assistants are becoming increasingly popular for businesses large and small, as they offer a variety of features and benefits that make them invaluable for any organization.

This year, more AI meeting assistants will be on the market than ever. With so many choices, knowing which one is right for your business can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best AI meeting assistants. We’ll cover all the top features and benefits these tools have to offer so that you can find the perfect assistant for your needs. From automated scheduling to natural language processing capabilities and beyond, you’ll get an overview of what each platform has to offer in order to make an informed decision.

Find the best AI meeting assistant 

All these tools save time and money by providing real-time note-taking. Not only are they helping to keep meetings organized and on track, but assistants that allow for voice commands make it even easier to control the flow of the conversation in real time. With all these features, it’s easy to see why smart meeting assistants are becoming essential tools in modern workplaces. 

For our team, these parameters are critical when choosing the right meeting AI:

  • Integration with all video calls platforms: Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. 
  • Schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar with meeting templates like a weekly team meeting, one on one sales meeting, or Customer Success Call.
  • Ability to summarize and create action items with due dates.
  • Auto-join call based on meeting agenda or type.
  • Free plan for test and suitable price.

7 Best AI virtual Assistants for meetings

  1. Airgram – our favorite and what we currently use
  2. tl;dv
  3. Seambly AI – very promising tool.
  4. Fireflies
  5. Notta
  6. Fellow
  7. Docket

What can an AI meeting assistant do?

Using an AI meeting assistant, you can record meetings in real-time, transcribe conversations, and automate the entire process of taking notes and tracking action items. Automating meetings saves time and effort for everyone involved. It also makes it easier to review past meetings by having accurate records stored securely in one place.

Many use cases exist for using an AI meeting assistant, including creating automated meeting notes, attending virtual events, or managing an online meeting. The 7 best AI meeting assistants on the market can help make every meeting run smoother and provide valuable insights into how to improve future meetings.

Why Would Someone Need an AI Note-taker?

Someone may need an AI note-taker for a variety of reasons. For example, an AI note-taker can be used instead if you are attending a conference or lecture and want to take notes but don’t have the time to write everything down. It is also useful for those taking online classes who need to quickly jot down important points without typing out each word.

An AI note-taker can also be helpful in business meetings and other settings where it would be beneficial to have accurate records of conversations.

In these cases, using an AI note-taker would save time since it can take notes faster than humans. Additionally, it can accurately capture details that people might miss while distracted by other tasks. In summary, there are many use cases where someone might need an AI note-taker, and its accuracy and speed make it invaluable in certain situations.

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Main benefits of using AI meeting assistant apps  

We collect the main benefits of using AI meeting tools for business.

Benefits 1: Attend And Record Meetings to Create Searchable Indexed Contents

Having an assistant to attend and record meetings can greatly benefit any business. This allows you to save time as you don’t need to take notes or generate reports after every meeting manually. Furthermore, it provides accurate records of what has been discussed in each meeting so that everyone is on the same page when decision-making is involved. The searchable indexed contents provide an easy way to find the information you need quickly and accurately. 

Benefits 2: Generate AI Meeting Summaries

Online meeting assistant can generate a summary of every online meeting and provide a comprehensive overview of what was covered. If someone didn’t attend the meeting, AI notes also give users instant access to key information from the meeting, making it easier for them to review and decide on any topics or issues discussed. It’s not necessary anymore to review lengthy meeting minutes. Especially if you are a business owner who needs quickly check the summary of sales team meetings. Using AI assistant software, you will have accurate and up-to-date summaries for every online meeting.

Benefit 3: Follow Meeting Agenda Templates

Instead of creating your own meeting agenda, use different templates to make your meetings more actionable. AI assistant can help you keep the dynamic of virtual meetings and make meetings more productive. 

Benefit: Automatically Send Meeting Notes and Summaries

Automatically sending meeting notes is the ability to capture audio and video transcripts of the meeting. This can be used to review and revisit past conversations, allowing for better decision-making. With this feature, you can quickly generate a transcript from any recorded video or audio conference and store it in the cloud for easy access. The meeting notes will include timestamps, which can be useful for referencing specific points in the discussion.


Airgram is our favorite tool for automating joining, recording, and note-taking with smart AI. It helps teams and individuals have efficient and fruitful meetings by providing an intelligent AI assistant throughout the meeting. Airgram has won #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, proving that it’s a great tool to use to ensure you get the most out of your meetings. Airgram also provides various features that help you save time and energy while still getting tasks done quickly and efficiently. From automated transcription to automatic note-taking, Airgram makes it easy to get organized and stay productive during meetings. 

Seambly AI

Sembly AI is an incredibly useful tool that automatically attends and records your Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex meetings. It helps reduce stress in meetings by allowing you to focus on the conversation instead of frantically scribbling down notes. Sembly also ensures you never miss important points thanks to its voice identification technology, so you can trust that all important information is recorded accurately.

Furthermore, it allows you to easily look up information from past meetings after a busy day of online calls – no more searching through endless notes for something you said last week! With Sembly AI, keeping track of your virtual meetings has never been easier.

Wrap-up: Choosing a powerful ai meeting assistant

In today’s fast-paced world, video calls have become essential to our work routine. As we rely more on virtual communication, it’s important to have the right tools to make our meetings more productive and efficient. That’s where AI meeting assistants come in. These intelligent tools can help you manage your video calls and keep everyone on track.

In this blog article, we’ve rounded up the best AI meeting assistants available in the market. We’ll walk you through the features of each tool and help you decide which one is best suited for your business needs.

By trying out all of these meeting assistants, you’ll be able to see which one helps you achieve your goals and improve your overall meeting experience. If you are interested in AI, check my other article: We tested 10+ AI transcription services. Best AI transcriber 2023

With the right AI meeting assistant, you can simplify your meeting processes, reduce errors, and increase your productivity. Whether you need help with scheduling, note-taking, or transcribing, these tools have covered you. So, go ahead and give them a try to see which one works best for you and take your video calls to the next level.

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